Upcoming Events

National Night Out @ The Pool
Tuesday, October 4th, 4 to 7 PM
Come celebrate the best National Night Out celebration in Kingwood.  Come meet local 1st responders and spend some time with your neighbors. Pool will be OPEN!  Food, drink and treats supplied by TVCA Social Committee.
Trailwood Annual Garage Sale
Saturday, October 29th, 7AM to 2PM
Always the last Saturday in October.  Great time to clean up and donate items, your cars will appreciate it and so will your neighbors. Residents are encouraged to put a ballon on the mailbox so everyone can easily see who is participating.
TVCA Annual Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday, November 15th, 7PM at TVCA Community Room @the Pool @ 2029 Thousand Pines
See "Meetings" tab on website for more info.