The TVCA Assessment for 2022 is $410.  The 2022 assessment is due January 1, 2022 and is considered late after January 31, 2022.  Our assessment has remained the same since 2019 @ $390.  Using quarterly data and the blue-chip consensus forecast of US Consumer Price Index (CPI) that was published on October 10th, 2021 (latest data when 2022 budget was approved) - $390 in January 2019 would buy the same amount of goods as about $426 in January 2022, and $436 in January 2023. Inflation with current leadership/monetary policy will decrease our purchasing power even more over the course of 2022 and beyond.  The TVCA Board of Directors would not only like to maintain the status quo in quality of life in Trailwood and surrounding areas, but to continue to improve our neighborhood for all residents.  The modest increase in assessment for 2022 will be another small step in this pursuit. Please take a moment and also review the 2021 TVCA End of Year Summary - CLICK HERE - to gain a better understanding on how funds were allocated in 2021. 
To pay your 2022 assessment online, have your assessment letter nearby and please go to KAM website, find the statement "NOTICE TO TRAILS AND VILLAGE RESIDENTS" near top of page, click on it, and then click on C-PropertyPay link. If you do not receive the information via US Mail for whatever reason, it is the TVCA homeowners responsibility to contact KAM to rectify the situation - phone: 281-359-1102 or email:
Kingwood Association Management (KAM) should be mailing the assessment information along with the following information on or around December 11, 2021:  
1) 2021 End of Year Activity/Project Summary
2) 2022 TVCA Approved Budget
3) Assessment Statement
4) Payment Information
*Pool tag forms were NOT included in the packet, the TVCA BOD is diligently trying to find an alternative method for pool access, such as card readers. 
Please continue to check the website, your mailbox & social media for updates on this and any other community matters.
Again, if you have not received your statement and related information in a timely manner, please contact KAM ASAP at the following: 
Phone: 281-359-1102