All the photos, maps and related exhibits posted below are now hanging in our community room as of 6.15.2021 in celebration of Trailwood Village's 50th anniversary. If you have similar photos and think they would be great on our website or to hang in the community room, please go to the "Contact Us" tab and upload them there or send to KAM via US Mail, with attention to TVCA. 
Historical Photos of Trailwood
Main Entrance to Kingwood/Trailwood @ 1971
Aerial of Trailwood @ 1972-73 - Trailwood Village Square (Stop N Go) in foreground, Village Green Park, Trailwood Apartments and Foster in background
Trailwood Entrance - June 1972
Stop N Go Convenience Store in early 1970's
Trailwood Fountain at Village Green Park in early 1970's
Trailwood Village Square entrance off Crystal Springs in early 1970's - current entity is Society of St. Stephens @ Kingwood UMC (2021)
Trailwood Art Walk - June 1976
Trailwood Billboard on US 59 Highway - 1971
Historical Exhibits - Documents & Maps