Pool Tags

What:  Due to COVID19, the process to acquire your "Pool Tags" aka wristbands, will be different in 2020.  Sterling mailed out the forms to ALL Trailwood residents in mid-May 2020 with instructions to every resident in Trailwood Village.  The Pool Tags will be distributed to residents who have filled out the form and sent it back to Sterling, no exceptions. Pool Tag forms will not be accepted at the pool in 2020.  Identification (such as drivers license  or most recent utility bills if drivers license does not have correct address) will be required when picking up "Pool Tags" to demonstrate identity, your residency in Trailwood and/or member of TVCA. 
Who:  A pre-approved list with corresponding envelopes containing the requested number of "Pool Tags" generated by Sterling will be at the pool. 
When:  "Pool Tag" distribution will be during regular pool operating hours starting on June 2, 2020 thru June 9, 2020.  All Trailwood residents do not need to show up at the pool on June 2 at noon, it is a new procedure, to be administered by the lifegaurds, so please have patience.
Where:  Trailwood Pool - Main Entrance to Pool 
Why/Why Not: If you have a complaint or your "Pool Tags" are not available, contact Sterling, the lifeguards will not be settling TVCA disputes between homeowners and Sterling, they need to be keeping our pool safe!  If you have an outstanding balance on your TVCA account, you must resolve that with Sterling prior to pickup of pool tags.  Trailwood Lifeguards or TVCA Board of Directors (volunteers) can not collect money to rectify balances during "Pool Tag" distribution. Thank you for your understanding during this new process.