Pool Tags

Pool Tag Update - 5.23.22
For 2022, in order to gain access to the Trailwood Pool and receive wristbands, aka "Pool Tags" the following steps will need to be completed ahead of time:
1) Fill out Trailwood Village pool tag registration form from website - COMPLETE ON SCREEN OR PRINT OUT & SUBMIT TO KAM
2) Submit form to KAM via email, US Mail or hand delivery.
3) If you were not able to make the 4 different time slots to pick up your pool tags, all remaining pool tags can be picked up at KAM office.
4) Pool tags are required for pool access starting on May 21.
Some residents have complained that people were not at the pool to handout.  This is incorrect, they just came at the wrong time.  Please check the website before heading up to the pool for the latest updates.  Sometimes an error occurs for whatever reason, we know that is a pain and apologize in advance.  The TVCA BOD tried diligently to find another system instead of the current pool tags system but other villages in the KSA Pool Agreement did not agree. We feel your pain and if you think it is a pain to fill out a form and pick up the tags, imagine trying to administer and disseminate the process for over 700 households by board volunteers.
*Pool Tags will not be issued to individual homeowners until 2022 and all previous assessments and/or outstanding balances are paid in full.
**Pool Tag forms will not be collected at the pool or in the community room as in years past.  Please read the 2022 Pool Tag form distributed by KAM. 
***Kingwood Community Pool Company employees, aka "Trailwood Pool Lifeguards" can not collect money to rectify balances for entrance into the pool complex or settle disputes in regards to acquisition of pool wristbands, aka "pool tags".   
For 2022, the TVCA BOD diligently worked on an alternative method of pool access, specifically, card readers and/or phone app that can more easily be updated & track information. In addition, it would provide a mechanism to access the pool area outside normal operating hours when a lifeguard is required to be present. However, due to the existing KSA pool agreement that provides access to all participating pools, lack of interest and budget constraints from other village associations, the TVCA BOD was unable to make this a feasible option for 2022.  We hope in the months to come the other associations will make an effort for alternate means of access to increase use of pool facilities. 
KAM is the management company for TVCA and will be handling all matters on behalf of TVCA.  Please contact KAM if you have any questions concerning this or any other issues pertaining to TVCA.