The greenbelts and pocket parks in Trailwood provide an opportunity for residents to enjoy the great outdoors right down the street from where we live.  Trailwood is graced with three pocket parks (see the Trailwood map for locations) along its mile length of greenbelt. The greenbelt is paved concrete that meanders within a  forested corridor.  Along the greenbelt,  there are numerous access points to access existing parks, streets, and surrounding villages.

Trailwood Village Residents - Update - April 1, 2021:  We are happy to report our recently-improved parks are experiencing an increase in use :-)  However, our parks are not public property; they are privately owned.  Therefore, if someone would like to reserve a park for an event, or post event signs in our parks, the necessary reservation/registration form (available through KAM) must first be completed.  Also, there have been instances of small, informal gatherings at the park resulting in an inordinate amount of garbage.  Please be considerate.  In such cases, residents hosting should remove their own garbage so that our parks do not have overflowing cans during this Easter weekend or any other time.
Please contact Kingwood Association Management (KAM) with any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the Trailwood parks or greenbelt.