Deed Restrictions

Trailwood Village Subdivision has enforced deed restrictions. They were put in place by the developer, Friendswood, as part of an effort to maintain uniformity of use and standards of appearance. On the whole, having good deed restrictions and consistent enforcement, helps preserve property values and minimize unhappiness between neighbors over a particular use of a property.

Trailwood Village has not one, but six sets of deed restrictions. To understand how deed restrictions apply to your property, you need to know which section of Trailwood your lot is in. The Trailwood Map reflects these sections. In addition to the six (6) separate sections, we have two gated entities - Deer Ridge Estates and Deer Cove. 

Please contact the TVCA Board deed restrictions representative or architectural control representative with any questions, comments, or concerns regarding deed restrictions in the subdivision

Remember, in looking for the restrictions that apply to your lot, find out which Section of Trailwood Village you're in, then go to that particular section's restrictions.


Section I

Section II

Section III

Section IV

Section V

Section VI

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