Architectural Control


Anything you do to change the original plans/outline of your house must be approved by the Architectural Control committee. This includes room additions, new roof, new fences, new paint, driveway extension, television reception devices, tree removal (except Trailwood Section 1) and a variety of other activities not listed.  Please review  your deed restrictions for your section, Trailwood By-Laws and City of Houston ordinances prior to submitting your ARC application to Kingwood Association Management (KAM).  Helpful links can be found throughout our website.

Again, please review the village deed restrictions for additional information on general and section specific restrictions.

Please contact Kingwood Association Management (KAM) with any questions about making changes or attend a meeting to discuss proposed changes.

If you are ready to submit your ACC Application you can download it HERE! A separate form needs to be submitted for each improvement.  For example, if you are painting your house and changing out windows, a form needs to be submitted for the painting and another form for the replacement of windows.  This will eliminate confusion when only partial approval is granted on proposed improvements.

Exterior Color Policy

TVCA Approved Colors (MS Excel Format) by Sherwin Williams