Greenbelt Stencil Project
Posted on Aug 14th, 2019

The Greenbelt Stencil project which included painting stencils at over 60 locations along the greenbelts of Trailwood has been completed.  The stencils include street addresses to aid in your travels along the greenbelt or for emergency response requests, caution warnings at crosswalk intersections, and appropriate times for greenbelt use.  In addition, access points were identified where pet waste is a problem and appropriate stencils were applied.  The curbs at our two major greenbelt intersections, Lake Village and Crystal Springs were painted in yellow to more clearly demarcate the 20-foot clearance that is mandated by Texas state law.  Curb painting was deemed necessary due to excessive parking in the crosswalks adjacent to Foster and for the overall safety of students and greenbelt users.  Please remember, Texas state law requires vehicles to stop for pedestrians using a marked crosswalk (Sec. 552.003).
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