Greenbelt Improvements Update
Posted on Jan 29th, 2020

During December 2019, two (2) new projects were approved within the 2019 budget. The first project will be the installation of ten (10) new benches to match the ones installed in Spring 2019.  The new benches will be placed in some new locations and old locations.  A complete inventory of greenbelt furniture was conducted prior to purchasing to determine the optimum number from both an aesthetic and budgetary standpoint.  Following installation, the distance between park benches will be no more than approximately 250 yards apart with an average distance between benches of approximately 165 yards.
The second project will be the installation of four (4) new 3-panel wooden signs similar to the ones recently installed in all three (3) of our parks.  The new signs will be located at the four (4) major points of access onto our greenbelts here in Trailwood.  Upon installation of these signs, the overhaul and updating of all community signage will be completed.  The intent was to provide a more informative, unified look to improve overall aesthetics along our greenbelts and in our parks.  
We will continue to make improvements to the greenbelts and parks as outlined in our 2019 EOY Summary letter that was sent out with assessments in December 2019 and can also be found below in past news articles.  Check back soon for more updates!
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