Parks & Greenbelt Update
Posted on May 3rd, 2020

In accordance with the City of Houston and Kingwood Service Association (KSA), Trailwood Village playgrounds, all benches, all tables, and pool will remain closed until at least May 15th (when Governor Abbott announces Phase 3). ***Please do not remove the yellow cautionary tape.***
Greenbelt entry/exit points have been trimmed back to improve public safety, both from a line of sight aspect as well as general safety.
The TVCA board has also approved the placement of crushed limestone along the greenbelt edge of pavement.  The areas in greatest need will be completed first, with hopefully more to be budgeted for in the future.  Please look out for workers while this work is being conducted in the coming weeks.
Please remember the placement of sand/dirt/gravel/fill material, yard waste, or trimming and depositing of any trees or bushes along the greenbelt or within the parks and/or common areas is not allowed without prior approval of the TVCA Board.  If individuals continue such activities, fines will be assessed.
Thanks for you continued efforts in picking up litter and cleaning up after your pets.
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