Trailwood Neighborhood Mosquito Spraying
Posted on Jun 21st, 2021

Trailwood Mosquito Spraying - It's that time of year, especially following all the rain, so TVCA would like to update you in case you were not able to attend a meeting concerning mosquito spraying. The TVCA has a stand alone contract with an independent mosquito spraying company and have for many years. We have not been made aware of any efforts by the COH or Harris County officials for mosquito spraying the last few years. Currently, during the months of March thru November all streets are sprayed 4x a month. The greenbelt trails are sprayed at a minimum of 4x a month during the same period with the frequency increased to 8x a month from May to September. Skeetercide is the TVCA preferred contractor and we switched to them about 3 years ago because they have a 6 wheel all terrain vehicle with wide tires that provides access and minimizes damage to our greenbelts. The route is recorded via GPS and time stamped each time to insure all streets are covered in Trailwood, Deer Cove and Deer Ridge Estates, all of which make up the TVCA. If you continue to have issues try reducing the areas of standing water/poor drainage, tall grass, dense shrubbery or treat your own property with a method you find acceptable.
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