TVCA Community Room - Update on the Update
Posted on Jun 15th, 2021

Over the last 2 months, following the enhancement of the outdoor pool and park facilities, it was time for the the community room to receive an update...with some "old stuff".  Since the community room had not received much attention over the last several years, efforts were made by the TVCA Board to provide a space that truly represents what Trailwood was in the early 1970's and what it has become today during its 50th year!  A variety of old historical photos, maps, promotional materials and new canvas prints were "discovered" and now on display in the community room.  With the new exhibits, new chairs, expanding the Keebler elf window to a full size door, a little rearranging with the view of the new and improved pool deck, it is the hope of the TVCA Board that the potential of our community room will be more fully realized and utilized by TVCA residents.  So come to a meeting, or if that's not your "cup of tea", all the new exhibits, updates and rules & regulations are just a few clicks away here on the website under HOME>COMMUNITY ROOM! Enjoy!
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