Trailwood Village 50th Anniversary Tree Planting Event
Posted on Jul 21st, 2021

What: In celebration of Trailwood Villages 50th Anniversary Year, the TVCA BOD has approved a motion to create a “Tree Planting Committee” to enhance the overall aesthetics throughout Trailwood by planting trees. A total of 175 trees 3-gallon trees throughout Trailwood and giving away 75 trees to residents willing to plant in their own yard.  Trees will be a variety of species as recommended by Mickey Merritt, Regional Community Forester, Texas A&M Forest Service.
When: All Planting activities scheduled for November 6, 2021 first weekend of November (Texas Arbor Day is 1st Friday in November).
Where: All (3) Trailwood Parks, TVCA Common Areas (specifically along Woodland Hills Drive and greenbelt corridor) and resident/homeowner yards who volunteer to plant trees in their yards as part of the tree giveaway event.
How: Planting will be volunteer driven by Trailwood residents with our commercial community landscaper helping as needed.
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